The RiverBend Growth Association (RBGA) is hosting an Economic Update Meeting featuring a panel discussion on the new Illinois laws regarding minimum wage, marijuana, and harassment. The panel consists of Thomas Berry, Jr. of Jackson Lewis P.C., Mike Fitzgerald of Scheffel Boyle, and Patrick King of MillerKing LLC. State Representative Monica Bristow of District 111 is co-sponsoring the event with the RBGA. This event is December 11, 2019 11:30 AM at the newly remodeled Julia’s Banquet Center in East Gate Plaza. For RBGA members the investment to attend this luncheon is $20, and for potential RBGA members, the investment to attend this luncheon is $25. 

“It is extremely important for Riverbend businesses to understand the changes happening with Illinois law in 2020 that will affect every employer and employee,” said John Keller, President RiverBend Growth Association. “We are presenting this panel discussion to the Riverbend community so everyone can understand and adapt to the changing environment in Illinois workplaces.”

Illinois minimum wage will increase to $15 per hour by 2025, making Illinois the first Midwestern state to raise the minimum wage to that level. Illinois is the 11th state to legalize marijuana, and this meeting will be a great place to learn about your rights as an employee and employer. Employers in Illinois will also have new obligations related to employment contracts, training, and agency oversight under the new law intended to combat workplace harassment and provide greater protection for employees.

The RiverBend Growth Association is dedicated to providing the leadership necessary to attract, promote and support new and existing enterprise growth throughout the Riverbend community. The RBGA is making sure its member organizations and potential members can understand the new laws to be enacted, and how to effectively traverse across the new workplace environment these laws will create. As the economic development organization for the Riverbend area, we work closely with state, regional, county and local officials to make sure our members and potential members are informed of the changes being enacted in 2020.

“I understand the opportunities and threats businesses are experiencing to stay competitive in this modern economy with the constant changes and challenges,” explained Representative Bristow. “I am excited to work with the RiverBend Growth Association again to help local businesses stay informed and thrive in this modern economy.”

We invite all employers, employees, and job seekers in the Riverbend community to come and learn more about these new laws that will take effect in 2020. The event is December 11th, 11:30 AM at Julia’s Banquet Center in East Gate Plaza (101 Eastgate Plz. East Alton, IL 62024).

For RBGA members the investment to attend the luncheon is $20 and for potential RBGA members, the investment to attend the luncheon is $25.

Registration is available at, visit, or call the office at 618-467-2280. The RBGA would like to thank State Representative Monica Bristow, District 111, for co-sponsoring this event. The last day to register for the event is December 4.