The RiverBend Growth Association has named Flat Branch Home Loans as its Small Business of the Month for June 2020.

The Flat Branch Home Loans Godfrey team

The team of professionals at Flat Branch Home Loans possesses the expertise and well-rounded experience within the mortgage industry to serve its clients with a loan product that is cost-effective and best fit for you. Deb Higgins, Senior Mortgage Banker, has been in the industry since 1979, and she is specialized in about every phase of the home loan process. Her education is not one-dimensional. She puts emphasis on passing knowledge to her clients about what is going to happen at each step and prepares them for what is coming in the next 30-plus years with their home loan.

Deb Higgins understands that her clients often need flexibility with their loan terms, so her favorite program is the FHA loan program, which works with differing credit scores and less stringent terms. Flat Branch Home Loans provides their team with the best resources, tools, and genuine support that they need to better serve their clients through the homebuying process. Because no two borrowers come with the same background, each process is tailored to the client’s personal goals, aspirations, and milestones. Home buyers come through their door starting somewhere different all the time, but the journey will always end with the home of their clients’ dreams.

Flat Branch Home Loans
2724 Grovelin St. Suite A
Godfrey, Illinois 62035

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