Wood River location is housed near Walmart and ready to serve Riverbend residents

GODFREY, IL – Have you ever donated plasma? Would you like to, or would you like to again? Freedom Plasma of Wood River is now providing locals the chance to donate plasma without the need to travel across the Mississippi.

With a combined 150 years in the industry, Freedom Plasma is owned and operated by ImmunoTek Bio Centers. The Wood River facility opened its doors in October 2021. It is located at 530 Wesley Drive, the site of the former Office Max, with Wood River Walmart as its closest neighbor. Currently, Freedom Plasma has 15 full-time employees.

Earlier this month, the RiverBend Growth Association (RBGA) hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially welcome Freedom Plasma to the region. Attendees included RBGA members, City of Wood River representatives, and Freedom Plasma staff. The Cookie Factory and Café of Alton provided treats for the celebration, and Freedom Plasma handed out “swag bags” full of goodies.

When asked about choosing Wood River as the home for this location, Center Director Tommy Hubachek said, “Immunotek scouts for locations that are just outside of major cities. For this region, this allows for people who want the opportunity to donate not to have to cross the river to be able to donate. Our customers are people in communities typically within a 50-mile radius from our location.”

Freedom Plasma provides one specific service: Plasmapheresis.

“Plasmapheresis is the process of taking a whole blood sample, like regular blood donation, and running it through an automation machine,” Hubachek explained. “This spins the whole blood in the centrifuge, causing it to separate into the various blood components – red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Once it is separated, the machine will be prompted to give you back the components we don’t need.”

“Doing the process this way allows you to donate more often than a regular blood donation,” Hubachek said further. “The Food and Drug Administration is strict on the amount of red blood cells one can lose. Since we are only keeping the plasma [and giving the rest back to the body], you are able to donate two times within a 7-day period, with at least 24 hours between each donation.”

Hubachek noted that eating a well-balanced meal and hydrating are both important for at least 24 hours before donating. A valid photo ID that includes one’s current address and proof of a Social Security number are both required for donation eligibility.

Donors can visit Freedom Plasma’s website or call to schedule their donation appointment. For more information, visit their website at freedomplasma.com or call (618) 216-7321. They are also on Facebook at @FreedomPlasmaWoodRiver.

“We are excited to grow and be a part of this community,” added Hubachek. “Our company is also proud to give back $1 to $3 million to its communities through compensation, vendor collaborations, and other types of support opportunities.”

The RiverBend Growth Association is the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization for the 11 communities known as the Riverbend. For more information about the Growth Association, please visit www.growthassociation.com or call (618) 467-2280.


This article was prepared for the RiverBend Growth Association by Melissa Meske Publications, macmeske.com.