On February 15, 2024, the RiverBend Growth Association Young Adults Committee went to the Beverly Farm Foundation Day Training Facility to participate in a casino-themed activity with the residents. During the meeting, CEO Crystal Officer and Chief Development Officer Taylor Justice presented a brief informative lesson to the students on the committee regarding the importance of community involvement. As CEO of a nonprofit organization, Crystal Officer has left many important words to live by for the students serving on the committee concerning community service. She once stated, “Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.” Crystal and Taylor also went over the many tools and techniques there are to help establish oneself as a professional member of the community through things like writing emails and making important phone calls. At this point in the meeting, Crystal also informed the students, “Perseverance means everything.” Then, after the informative lesson, the residents eagerly entered the facility where the casino was being held. The students on the committee were excitedly running the tables as this event was taking place (Blackjack, Roulette, Horse Racing, and Cinco). After this day of fun went by so quickly, the students on the committee were able to take back many important life lessons and the residents were able to return home with bright smiles on their faces.

The students who chose Beverly Farm Foundation for their nonprofit experience came from Roxana Sr High School. Roxana Sr High School does some of the best work in the Riverbend area when it comes to shaping students into the future leaders of tomorrow. One of the school’s main quotes states, “Achieving excellence through passion, pride, and partnership.” The students from Roxana serving on this committee make sure to inflict this quote into their daily lives when it comes to serving their community.

These students include seniors Joshua Gilbert and Calista Stahlhut, and Juniors Wyatt Doyle and Macy Hart.

While in his second year serving on the Riverbend Growth Association Young Adults Committee, Joshua Gilbert is an active member in the community through the ubiquitous clubs and activities he participates in Student Council Executive Board President, National Honor Society Vice President, RHS Band Vice President, Thespian Troup 556 Secretary, Scholar Bowl Varsity Captain, History Club President, Science Club Representative, Tri-M Music Honor Society, FCA, and Saturday Scholars. After high school, he plans on attending Missouri S&T to study nuclear engineering.

Senior Calista Stahlhut is an all-state varsity athlete while also being greatly involved in the community. She participates in: National Honor Society, Varsity Softball, Varsity volleyball, Student Council, FCA, Spanish Club, Book Club, and Home-Ec Club. Calista has been a part of the RBGA Young Adults Committee for two years now, and she takes great pride in getting the opportunity to help her community. After high school, she plans to attend STLCC to continue her softball career and study diagnostic medical sonography.

Junior Wyatt Doyle is a 2-time state finalist varsity athlete who is openly involved with his peers and community. Wyatt participates in: Varsity Track and Field, Varsity Cross Country, Alton Road-Runners, National Honor Society, and Academic Challenge for Engineering and Science. This is Wyatt’s first year being a part of the RBGA Young Adults committee, and the extra ability for Wyatt to serve his community through this organization means a great deal to him. After high school, Wyatt plans to study architecture and compete as a Track and field, and Cross-Country athlete at the collegiate level, although he is undecided on a college.

Macy Hart is an All-American cheerleader and takes great pride in giving back to the community. She is involved in FCA, Talent Search, History Club, National Honor Society, Varsity Softball, and Varsity Cheerleading. Macy is new to RBGA, having joined this year. She is thankful for having the opportunity to be a part of the community and wants to return the favor by helping others. Macy intends to go to law school and college after high school to pursue a career in law, despite not having settled on a legal school or a particular type of lawyer.