Leadhership Seminar - Speakers

Derlene Hirtz

Derlene’s talking points:

  • Understanding your subconscious mind and the role it plays in personal and professional success and the pursuit of your greatness
  • It is the IF in life that is the difference that makes the difference
  • The key to success is learning and using resilience
  • Why we stay in our comfort zone instead of pursuing our dreams


“Choice is a powerful thing, suffering is optional”

Derlene believes we can create the life that we truly desire.  As a mindset coach and success trainer, she works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals to overcome limitations and challenges so they can make an impact in the world they dream of and create the financial success they deserve.  Her content-rich talks are designed to inspire others to take massive action to pursue their personal and professional dreams.

Having worked in a toxic environment and navigated her past limitations, Derlene founded You Empowered Services to offer her expertise to support others as they create a life of fulfillment and business success.  She is a nationally recognized best-selling author, a contributing author to two international best-selling books, and is working on her next international bestseller.

Most importantly, Derlene is a woman of faith, a mom, a wife, Gigi, and friend.  She loves riding her bike, hiking, and always learning about the science of the mind and its role in living a successful life.

Heather Garrigus

Heather’s talking points

Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. Yoga can help to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and focus. It can also help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. This is great for self-care.

Topics include:

  • Breathwork – Learn the practice of controlling your breath to achieve certain physical and mental benefits
  • Movement – Learn postures to do at your desk, the airport, or anywhere
  • Sound Therapy – Listen to sound waves to promote healing and well-being


    Heather’s passion for yoga began in 2010. She became a certified yoga instructor and studio owner and now specializes in offering a warm and welcoming environment of zen to the community with a variety of yoga classes for all body types and skill levels. Her studio, Heather’s Zen Den, strives to be the destination for zen in the community.


    The Zen In!

    Abigail Thurman

    Abby’s talking points

    -Why movement is key to being happy and healthy in your lifestyle
    -What are the fundamentals comments to be successful in your fitness journey


    “Everyone that I can help and push to learn something in a new way is the reason I do what I do”


    My name is Abby! I am the wife of an amazing-supportive husband, and together, we have 3 precious little girls!! My fitness journey began at just 17. In an effort to find an outlet that allowed me to be healthier, in addition to happier, I decided to hire a personal trainer and nutritionist. This was quite the financial commitment, again, at just 17! At 18, I decided to compete in my first Natural Bodybuilding competition; I placed in the top 5 of the Open Category!

    I soon after met my husband at a gym in Missouri, it quickly became “our place”! In such a renowned healthy way, we both pushed each other to be the best versions of ourselves. With his encouragement and support, I took my first official step toward my career path. I continued my education, graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and became a certified ACSM personal trainer! I completed my internship with SSP and proceeded to train there for the next 2 years. It was an amazing and formative experience teaching classes and helping over 100 people find their healthier and happier selves.

    In continuing with my next life journey, I applied for Physical Therapy Assistant school; and was accepted! I loved the program, but fitness and health were my drive, and I missed it!! It was a huge leap for me and to say I was nervous to start my own Personal Training business is an understatement. With the support of my husband though, I did it. I began with online coaching and quickly realized the need to have an in-person training facility. Pregnant with our third little girl, my husband and I transformed our home garage into a gym!

    I now help over 100 people both in person and all over the United States. I help clients focus on workout plans, personal training, nutrition, and a healthy approach to keep their health goals and stay on track, forever!