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Why should someone attend RBGA events?

Why are these great events?

Network = Net Worth. If you are not networking, how will anyone really know and trust your company? Would you rather buy a vacuum from a local vendor that you know and trust, or from the random salesperson knocking at your door, persistently asking to give a demo?

As I personally know, networking raises attention to my company/services/offering and increases the value which I can provide to my community. It builds professional and personal relationships. Networking helps to create the human connection, the social interaction that I love. Networking is a way for me to offer assistance where I can.
The RBGA Breakfast Connection is a fantastic break from the typical morning humdrum. It offers a chance to get together with others, have a little fun, and spread some laughter and cheer.
Together, we build communities.
Dr. Jennifer Capler

Owner, The DM Woman LLC

Why do I attend Coffee Connections?

I really enjoy the coffee connection networking.  In the past we would network with the businesses at our table, now we network with those in our breakout sessions.  If you have never experienced a breakout session, It is a small group setting where you can have a (non-intimidating) conversation.  These small groups are very much like the conversations you would have had at your table at a networking event.  I really enjoy these conversations in a small setting within this larger group.

Gary Hoggatt, Jr.

Vice President Mortgage Services, 1st MidAmerica Credit Union

Why did I join the RiverBend Growth Association?

The River Bend Growth Association is a great way for us to get involved in the community and learn more about businesses around us. We would like to stay connected with what is going on in the area, and joining the association will help us do that. 

Joining an association can provide many benefits, including the opportunity to gain wisdom from other members. In a world where information is constantly changing, it is important to have a network of people who can offer guidance and support. By joining an association, you can tap into the collective knowledge of its members and learn from their experiences. In addition, you can benefit from the networking opportunities that an association provides. By connecting with other members, you can develop relationships that can help you advance your career or business. Therefore, joining an association can be a wise decision for those who are looking to gain knowledge and grow professionally.
Garrett Hanes

Co-Founder and CEO, Mogul Brand Solutions

Why did I join the RiverBend Growth Association?

As a past member of the RiverBend Growth Association, I was already familiar with the benefits of being an RBGA member before rejoining in the latter part of 2020. I was lucky to time my rejoining to where I could also participate as an RBGA member in the LeadHERship 2020 women’s seminar hosted in October. What an incredibly rewarding networking and development experience that was! 

Being delivered through a virtual format, I questioned if I would really reap any benefits from participating. All I can say now is ABSOLUTELY! This has been true for all the events and meetings I’ve participated in with the RBGA as our virtual host – including not only the LeadHERship 2020 Seminar, but also the RiverBend Community Update Forums, Wine Down Wednesdays, and the monthly Community Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion. 

Membership in the RiverBend Growth Association has real value, and the ROI has been incredible for me and for my small business. It has helped me grow both professionally and personally; I have connected with and learned about people, companies, and organizations who I may have never crossed paths with otherwise. I have learned more about what is going on in our communities and where the future is headed. Thanks to their virtual platform, business has continued growing, and I have stayed engaged in community conversations that further facilitate me to maintain my own part toward the greater good,


Melissa Meske

Founder/Owner, Melissa Meske Publications (