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RESPONSIBLE DIRECTLY FOR:  Direct Support Person (DSP)/Lead DSP Supervisor

JOB SUMMARY:   The QIDP is responsible for developing, implementing, providing, and monitoring each assigned individual’s Individual Service Plan.


A.    Individual Service Plan and Individual Services

1.    Prepare Annual, Special and 30-day Individual Service Plans according to written Policies and Procedures for assigned caseload.

2.    Conduct individual’s ISP staffings according to written Policies and Procedures for assigned caseload.

3.    Complete individual’s ISP’s after staffings according to written Policies and Procedures for assigned caseload.

4.    Implement individual’s programs and train all appropriate staff.

5.    Ensure daily documentation is completed accurately.

6.    Complete Monthly Progress Notes on each client objective, reviewing and making changes as outlined in Policy and Procedures Manual for assigned caseload.  Retrain staff as needed.

7.    Review Client Interdisciplinary Notes at least monthly and include documentation of monthly visit to client’s Developmental Training Program or work site in the ID Notes on a monthly basis for assigned caseload.

8.    Follow up medical issues and other disciplines.

9.    Complete regular quality assurance file audits and purge client files of old information for assigned caseload.

10.    Ensure all evaluations, inventories, assessments and routine information is current in client’s files for assigned caseload.

11.    Ensure adequate, seasonal well-fitting clothing is available for each assigned client and that clients are well-groomed.

12.    Ensure all individuals are participating in their daily schedules and attending community activities.

13.    Develop natural community supports, fostering relationships with non-paid persons in the community (neighbors, volunteers, etc.).

14.    Work collaboratively with other agencies to promote the coordination of a network of services.

15.    Provide assistance in money management, including applying for entitlements and banking.

16.    Ensure that individuals are given choices in their community.

B.    Supervision:

1.    Supervise and ensure completion of work by DSP on assigned shifts and maintain good working relationship.

2.    Ensure schedules are maintained that provide adequate staff coverage to meet client needs requiring as little overtime as possible – as assigned.

3.    Approve ordering of supplies which are needed to provide satisfactory living environment for clients as assigned.

4.    Do building walk-throughs with outgoing and oncoming supervisors as appropriate and complete Communication Log.

5.    Ensure shift meetings and inservices are conducted in the home(s) on a regular basis, that inservice sheets are completed and forwarded to appropriate personnel as assigned.

6.    Ensure the employee’s computerized payroll sheets are corrected and turned in to the Business Office by 1:00PM each Tuesday as assigned.

7.    Ensure that Census Report and Leave/Arrive notices are completed correctly and turned in to the Business Office monthly by 10:00AM on the 1st of each month as assigned.

8.    Complete staff counseling and necessary disciplinary actions according to guidelines in Beverly Farm Foundation Employee Handbook as assigned.

C.    Home Management:

1.    Ensure home cleanliness, maintenance and safety by completing daily walk-throughs and documenting any problems with communication to appropriate personnel as assigned.

2.    Maintain and review regularly as assigned a list of needed repairs or corrections for the Maintenance Department.  Report any longstanding uncorrected problems to the CILA Operations Director.

3.    Ensure the yard and home is free from safety hazards to clients and litter-free.  Document and report problems to appropriate personnel.

4.    Ensure furniture in the home is free of safety hazards to clients and in proper working condition.  Document and report any problems to appropriate personnel.

D.    Service Facilitation

1.    Monitor services delivered which includes conducting at least 4 home and 2 DT/school/day services visits annually for service facilitation.

2.    Ensure the completion of service agreements between participant and service provider chosen.

3.    Work with the fiscal employer agency to ensure the employee provider of services such as Personal support Worker are qualified to provide the services participant is receiving.

4.    Maintain paperwork in each individual file.

5.    Conduct a service planning team meeting which includes participant, guardian, ISC, and anyone else that participant chooses.

6.    Write Individual Service Plan at least annually and update as needed, based on assessment information and discussion among the participant, guardian, family, and other members of the service planning team.

7.    Assist in linking participant with support services to meet the participant’s needs and be a liaison to assist in linking participant with service providers, community organizations and health care professionals.

8.    Work with the fiscal employer agency to monitor the expenditure of funds according to the individual budget, service plan, and service authorization.

E.    Miscellaneous

1.    Fill in as DSP when you don’t have enough on the days you supervise.

2.  All other duties as assigned.


Essential Functions of the Job


Sit – Occasionally

Stand – Frequently

Walk – Frequently

Bend – Frequently

Squat – Frequently

Crawl – Occasionally

Reach – Frequently


Lift 0-10 lbs – Frequently

Lift 11-20 lbs – Frequently

Lift 21-50 lbs – Frequently

Lift 51-75 lbs – Occasionally

Lift More Than 75 lbs  – Occasionally


Calculator – Frequently

Computer – Frequently

Mechanical Lift – Occasionally


Both Hands – Frequently

Push/Pull – Frequently

Temp Changes – Frequently

Sharp Objects – Occasionally

Writing – Frequently

Loud Noises – Frequently


Must hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Service Field with at least one year of experience working directly with persons with Intellectual disabilities.

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