Young Adults Committee

Chairpersons Trish Holmes and Stefanie Withers

The Young Adults Committee (YAC) consists of representatives from RBGA member schools and mentors from the RBGA membership. This committee focuses on the importance of guiding our young adults to give back to their community through outreach within the nonprofit organizations in the RBGA membership.

The high school representatives organize and implement a fundraiser each year while also hearing from local member non-profits in the Riverbend community. All proceeds from the fundraiser are used for the Scholarship Fund that will be awarded to one or more of the Young Adults students.

This committee meets monthly on the 2nd Friday of each month. The mentors on this committee work with the students on their fundraiser.

The RiverBend Growth Association is asking for community support for an upcoming fundraiser.

The RiverBend Growth Association’s Young Adults Committee is organizing a Young Adults Committee Scholarship Raffle and with the drawing to be held Friday, March 12, 2021.

The RBGA is asking for your help to financially support this fundraiser through a gift card sponsorship of $25 or more. Your organization will be recognized on our social media platforms and website.

Members 2020-2021

Senior representatives

Jasmine Finley | East Alton – Wood River High School
Sarah Floyd | Roxana High School
Ainsley Fortschneider | Alton High School
Abbi Geiger | Civic Memorial High School
Hunter Gonzalez | Marquette Catholic High School
Caleb Hurst | Roxana High School
Kristine Lauritzen | Marquette Catholic High School
Ethan Scott | Civic Memorial High School
Emma Seibert | East Alton – Wood River High School

Committee Mentors

John Barnerd | Simmons Hanly Conroy
Terri Herbstreit | 
1st MidAmerica Credit Union
Trish Holmes
 | RiverBend Growth Association
Cindy Smalley | Cope Plastics Inc.
Sandy Smith | Busey Bank
Stefanie Withers | RiverBend Growth Association

Junior representatives

Kennedy Bickmore | Civic Memorial High School
Audrey Bosse | Roxana High School
Allene Brass | Marquette Catholic High School
Addison Denton | East Alton – Wood River High School
Allie Lively | Civic Memorial High School
Kamren Mason-El | Alton High School
Allie Schrumpf | Alton High School
Thomas Strohmeier | Roxana High School
Monica Wendle | Marquette Catholic High School
Reaghan Williams | East Alton – Wood River High School